At Beach Mountain Labs we strive to continue and refine, through thoughtful breeding, those traits which have engrained the Labrador Retriever into the American Cultural Tapestry: health and physical prowess, utmost desire to please, unfailing work ethic, natural retrieving and hunting instinct, steadiness, water-loving, and complete compatibllty to the family. Beach Mountain puppies are perfect companions to Suburban families and active individuals, plus, they have the potential to be exceptional gun dogs. We uphold the belief that a useful dog is a happy dog. Whether your new best friend is working to point (or flush) and retrieve in the field, accompanying you on the trail, or remaining calm but playful to help redirect the energy of your kids, our Labradors will do so tirelessly.  Are dogs are athletic, age marvelously, have superior intelligence, and are easy to train.  Our breeding program has been fortunate to select individual dogs that have the drive and agility of field labs but have the quintessential lab blockiness to their expression. 

Companions for Hunt and Home - Lab puppies in Los Angeles

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Pointing Labradors in California lab puppies in Los Angeles

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The DAM, Mia Athena del Bosco is my running partner and works as a scent dog.  But first and foremost she is my family companion.  She has the grace of a cat when she is navigating her way around my little children on the hiking trail or in the backyard.  When she's inside the house, her manners are impeccable.  This isn't something I had to train into her, she just always "got it."  

2.5xGMPR HRCH 3 Ring Tycho's Supernova SH X Mia Athena del Bosco

Kona X Sooner puppies are BORN!  Our first Yellow litter 2018


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Pointing Lab Puppies - Fall 2018